Weekly Aries love horoscope for 29/05 - 04/06

This is the free weekly love horoscope for Aries star sign and Aries Ascendant people, for the week 29 May 2017 - 04 Jun 2017. Find out how this week’s astrology aspects and planetary movement will affect your love life.

Aries - Week

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A sense of caution felt within your emotional world might be justified but don't let this turn into suspicion. If you feel romantic or relationship progress is hampered by a need to take stock of your personal situation or where things stand between you and a certain person, then this could prove to be helpful and revealing. This also applies to discussions or negotiations with a loved one. If you need to recover old ground, then something clearly wasn't understood the first time around.

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29 May 2017 - 04 Jun 2017