Weekly Leo love horoscope for 24/04 - 30/04

This is the free weekly love horoscope for Leo star sign and Leo Ascendant people, for the week 24 Apr 2017 - 30 Apr 2017. Find out how this week’s astrology aspects and planetary movement will affect your love life.

Leo - Week

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The saying about omelets and eggs comes to mind where affairs of the heart are concerned this week. A chance exists to bring a new level of stability and comfort to your emotional world but it's the word 'new' that might be the cause of insecurity. Insecurity is almost always a symptom of change and change that started as a gentle gust is gaining momentum. This week, it's important to trust what's changing is doing so in order to put your love life - and interactions with those closest to you - on a new and much firmer footing.

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24 Apr 2017 - 30 Apr 2017