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26 Mar 2018
Aquarius Characteristics and Personality

Aquarius Characteristics and Personality

(January 20 – February 18)

Element: Air
Mode: Fixed
Entering the stage of Aquarius, the limits set by Capricorn are renounced and the individual adopts the ideals of freedom and equality, rejecting all sorts of hierarchy.
The symbol of Aquarius is two wavy lines of water being poured from the pot of the Water Bearer, which probably denotes the washing away of the past and the arrival of what is new.
Humanists and socially conscious, Aquarians despise inequality in any shape or form and strive to create an ideal society, in which everyone will cooperate harmoniously and no one will enjoy more benefits than the other. This trait renders them exceptional visionaries, but deprives them of realism, as they tend to overlook (especially if they have no Saturnine energy or Capricorn in their birth chart) the fact that such a society could only exist in the realm of the imaginary.
Aquarius people possess an independent spirit and are quite honest in their relationships with others. They do not sugarcoat their opinions, but instead share them in a way that ensures they will remain truthful to themselves. They will neither form nor maintain any relationship in which they would have to give false appearances.
Usually, people with Aquarius (and/or its ruler, Uranus) prominent in their birth chart adopt an unconventional lifestyle, as they are completely indifferent to what others think; due to this trait, they are generally regarded as arrogant. Among their chief characteristics is also their concern over progress and advancement, seeing that technology and science are two domains intimately related to their sign.
Being cerebral, Aquarians may use their mind to stand by those surrounding them, but when emotions surface, things get tough. It comes as no surprise that many of them readily reject others, if the latter’s opinions or lifestyle are not compatible with their own beliefs.

Nevertheless, Aquarius is the sign of friendship par excellence (albeit definitely not the sign of family), since, as an Air sign, she/he too needs to communicate with others and to form relationships that stand the time of time.

Date Modified: 26 Mar 2018