Aquarius Zodiac Sign
31 Mar 2021

Aquarius Characteristics and Personality

Aquarius zodiac sign
Learn everything you’ve always wanted to know about the Aquarius zodiac sign, its personality and characteristics. The traits of Aquarius Men and Women, how they act when they fall in love and what makes them tick. Finally, you’ll find a comprehensive list of celebrities with Aquarius star sign to see if you can identify with your favourite star.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign meaning

Entering the stage of Aquarius, the limits set by Capricorn are renounced and the individual adopts the ideals of freedom and equality, rejecting all sorts of hierarchy.
The symbol of Aquarius is two wavy lines of water being poured from the pot of the Water Bearer, which probably denotes the washing away of the past and the arrival of what is new.
  • Aquarius dates are January 20 – February 18.
  • Element: Air
  • Mode: Fixed
  • Aquarius symbol: ♒
Humanists and socially conscious, Aquarians despise inequality in any shape or form and strive to create an ideal society, in which everyone will cooperate harmoniously and no one will enjoy more benefits than the other. This trait renders them exceptional visionaries, but deprives them of realism, as they tend to overlook (especially if they have no Saturnine energy or Capricorn in their birth chart) the fact that such a society could only exist in the realm of the imaginary.
Aquarius people possess an independent spirit and are quite honest in their relationships with others. They do not sugarcoat their opinions, but instead share them in a way that ensures they will remain truthful to themselves. They will neither form nor maintain any relationship in which they would have to give false appearances.
Usually, people with Aquarius (and/or its ruler, Uranus) prominent in their birth chart adopt an unconventional lifestyle, as they are completely indifferent to what others think; due to this trait, they are generally regarded as arrogant. Among their chief characteristics is also their concern over progress and advancement, seeing that technology and science are two domains intimately related to their sign.
Being cerebral, Aquarians may use their mind to stand by those surrounding them, but when emotions surface, things get tough. It comes as no surprise that many of them readily reject others, if the latter’s opinions or lifestyle are not compatible with their own beliefs.

Nevertheless, Aquarius is the sign of friendship par excellence (albeit definitely not the sign of family), since, as an Air sign, she/he too needs to communicate with others and to form relationships that stand the time of time. Read here for Aquarius Daily Horoscope.

Aquarius Traits

Aquarius, the eleventh sign of the Zodiac is one of the most controversial. The Aquarius personality can be described as progressive & original but under the surface there’s so much more to this humanitarian sign. The sign’s determination derives from its Fixed Quality, while its talent when it comes to communicating comes from the sign’s association with the Air Element. One of the reasons why the quality of each sign is so important is that it determines its compatibility with other zodiac signs.

Aquarius Personality

4 facts about Aquarius: Idealist, Just, Truthfulness, Curious.

One of the main characteristics of people under the sign of Aquarius (or with a strong Uranus presence in their charts – the ruler of Aquarius) is that they stray far from a conventional lifestyle and do not give much weight to what others think of them. This may make an Aquarian come off as arrogant. They are people who believe in ‘moving forward’ and they tend to look to the future for answers to satisfy their souls. This is the reason behind their love for technological and scientific advancement.

An Aquarius is brainy and deep but at the same time does not do very well with handling emotions. They will use their analytical skills to help their loved ones but may not be able to say heart-felt words or go for a hug, when one’s needed. Another characteristic of this zodiac sign is that when it finds that the distance between the mindset of another to one’s own is too long to be walked, no matter what feelings there may be, it will most likely walk away from the relationship altogether.

However, Aquarians do make perfect friends, when their values and ideals align with those of certain others. As an Air sign, Aquarius needs to maintain open communication lines with others and form relationships that will last throughout time.

Aquarius and Relationships

Aquarius and Aries: This pair can embody the perfect balance between personal initiative and social conscience. This love match has the potential to develop into the perfect example of freedom and companionship.

Aquarius and Taurus: A love match has the potential to work wonders. They know that their romance can work only if it's based on mutual respect for their respective boundaries. Founded on logic, this love match can keep these partners eternally united.

Aquarius and Gemini: They both see love as a means of gaining greater self-knowledge without compromising their independence. Coupled together, they can enjoy an intellectual and unconventional romance, which can endure if they do not neglect to nurture their emotional bond.

Aquarius and Cancer: If these signs manage to bridge their differences, they can have a fruitful romantic involvement based on sincerity. The romantic match between these signs will force Cancer out of their shell but also pressure Aquarius to explore their inner world of feeling.
Aquarius and Leo: These two complement each other perfectly! This love match is endowed with powerful creativity and vision and will never run the risk of becoming tedious, as each partner will consistently contribute to the other’s growth.
Aquarius and Virgo: This love match brings together two very different temperaments and requires great effort and mutual concessions if it is to last.
Aquarius and Libra: These two are likely to feel an instant attraction to each other and can eventually forge a strong bond founded on mutual independence.
Aquarius and Scorpio: These signs are likely to form a very intense relationship that will confront them with unfamiliar and challenging aspects of themselves.
Aquarius and Sagittarius: This love match is very promising. Both signs are equally fond of freedom, intellectual pursuits and philosophical quests, and they both view romance as a path to personal growth. 
Aquarius and Capricorn: This love match perfectly exemplifies the clash between a conservative and a progressive mentality. The relationship between these signs is likely to be passionate and riddled with conflict.
Aquarius and Aquarius: Being similarly progressive and rebellious, two Aquarians can build an extraordinary relationship that sets them apart from the rest. This love match is based on equal respect for both partners’ individuality and independence.
Aquarius and Pisces: They are so different in temperament that they are bound to be either irresistibly attracted to or irrevocably repelled by each other.

Find out more about Aquarius best and worst matches in our zodiac sign compatibility guide!

The Aquarius Man

Mr Aquarius is the strong, silent type and this happens to be the tallest sign! You may be left wondering what he’s thinking: is he contemplating the meaninglessness of it all or does he have a stone in his shoe and can’t be bothered to take it off and shake it out? You have in him a loyal-to-the-last best friend for life.

How to win the heart of an Aquarius Man

Love is better than a poke in the eye with a gloved finger – but you might have trouble convincing your everyday Mr Aquarius of this! Yes you have perhaps picked the hardest heart of the 12 to harpoon, and like a stealthy hunter you’ve got to be pretty canny to land this prize catch. But once you have their love then it’s pretty constant, to be fair, and you find out that all that aloofness was all down to good old-fashioned bashfulness.

The Aquarius Woman

Little miss Aquarius lives in cloud cuckoo land. She has very fixed views about the world so don’t even bother trying to make a go of it unless yours fit neatly into hers. There is the Grand Framework, in which Lady Aquarius’ world is kept carefully ordered, everything in its place. Rational categorisation is everything. Are you part of her grand plan for the future? Lady Aquarius is a dreamer and idealist. She has her finger on the pulse and her eye on the future. She can make a fierce activist, a ground-breaking scientist or a shrewd business woman. Don’t be fooled by her detached, aloof demeanour, this woman is going places.

Lady Aquarius is an extrovert, naturally drawn to society. A social platform allows her to stand out of the crowd for her uniqueness as well as join forces with others to make a difference. She is fiercely independent and any relationship with her is first and foremost a meeting of minds. Friendship is of the utmost importance. So is sisterhood and Lady Aquarius is not one of these women who will betray her kind. She can be very disruptive, refusing to be categorised, although she does exactly the same to others in whom rebellion won’t be tolerated. Lady Aquarius is sometimes best admired from afar because she can be a Little Miss Tyrant from up close.

How Aquarius acts when they first fall in love

Aquarius is sucker-punched by love in its own little way. The person who gets lucky with this hard-to-read sign might suddenly see one of their Aquarius lover’s shirts hanging in their wardrobe, without any kind of commitment conversation. They aren’t very good at mushy stuff, even if it’s not all that mushy by others’ standards.

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