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26 Mar 2018
Capricorn Characteristics and Personality

Capricorn Characteristics and Personality

(December 22 – January 19)

Element: Earth
Mode: Cardinal
The stage succeeding that of the idealist Sagittarius is the stage of Capricorn, where the individual sets limits and forms structures. While Sagittarius resents boundaries, the mission of Capricorn is precisely to establish them.
Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn represents the foundations upon which society is built, thus playing the role of its backbone. Those who were born under this sign or have it prominent in their birth chart are perfectly aware that no society can function without rules and laws; hence, Capricorn symbolises the Status Quo.
Realists and traditional, Capricorns are very respectful of people with greater experience than theirs, as they are fully mindful of the aging process.
They are renowned for their patience, discipline, and professionalism. In contrast to Sagittarians, they will never have trouble keeping up with deadlines, as they are always very well organised and extremely capable time managers.
The symbol of Capricorn is the Goat; like the goat, which goes up the mountain stepping on the right stones, without faltering, Capricorns will always choose the right path and follow it devotedly until they have attained their goal. They are also hard-working and ambitious, aspiring to create something that will stand the test of time, and they detest the idea of being financially dependent on others.
It should be noted that Capricorn people often need social recognition for their achievements, which –approached through the prism of psychology– usually touches upon their relationship with their father figure and authority figures in general.
Contrary to those born under Cancer, their opposite sign, Capricorns do not express their feelings and often seem to consider sexuality a necessary evil. Their guilt and strict self-imposed restrictions do not allow them to loosen up.

Despite having a conservative mind, though, Capricorn effects the necessary transition from Sagittarius’ theory to practice, thus providing the realism the latter lacks.

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