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03 Oct 2018
Capricorn Characteristics and Personality

Capricorn Characteristics and Personality

Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn represents the foundations upon which society is built, thus playing the role of its backbone. Those who were born under this sign or have it prominent in their birth chart are perfectly aware that no society can function without rules and laws; hence, Capricorn symbolises the Status Quo. The stage succeeding that of the idealist Sagittarius is the stage of Capricorn, where the individual sets limits and forms structures. While Sagittarius resents boundaries, the mission of Capricorn is precisely to establish them.
The Capricorn symbol is the Goat.
  • Capricorn dates are December 22 – January 19.
  • Element: Earth
  • Mode: Cardinal
  • Capricorn symbol: ♑

Realists and traditional, Capricorns are very respectful of people with greater experience than theirs, as they are fully mindful of the aging process.They are renowned for their patience, discipline, and professionalism. In contrast to Sagittarians, they will never have trouble keeping up with deadlines, as they are always very well organised and extremely capable time managers.

The symbol of Capricorn is the Goat; like the goat, which goes up the mountain stepping on the right stones, without faltering, Capricorns will always choose the right path and follow it devotedly until they have attained their goal. They are also hard-working and ambitious, aspiring to create something that will stand the test of time, and they detest the idea of being financially dependent on others.
It should be noted that Capricorn people often need social recognition for their achievements, which –approached through the prism of psychology– usually touches upon their relationship with their father figure and authority figures in general.
Contrary to those born under Cancer, their opposite sign, Capricorns do not express their feelings and often seem to consider sexuality a necessary evil. Their guilt and strict self-imposed restrictions do not allow them to loosen up. The ethical restrictions they place on themselves combined with an inherent guilt rarely ever allow them to enjoy a careless experience.

Despite having a conservative mind, though, Capricorn effects the necessary transition from Sagittarius’ theory to practice, thus providing the realism the latter lacks. Read here for Capricorn Daily Horoscope.

Capricorn Traits

Capricorn, the tenth sign of the Zodiac is one of the most challenging as far as commitments go. The Capricorn personality can be described as controlled & determined but under the surface there’s so much more to this boundary-establishing sign. The sign’s ambition derives from its Cardinal Quality, while its stability comes from the sign’s association with the Earth Element. Why does this information concern you? Well, something many astrology fans don't know is that the quality of each sign largely shapes its compatibility with other zodiac signs.

Capricorn Personality

Facts about Capricorn personality: Ambitious, Determined, Responsible, Disciplined, Self-control, Realistic.

It is common for most people under the sign of Capricorn to seek recognition for what they muster, no matter what area that may be in. Psychologically speaking this may have something to do with a curious relationship of the sign with the Father. This claim makes much more sense if one considers the Saturnian father figure ruling over a sign that is already well aware of limits and the need to self-control. It also explains another characteristic of the sign which is feeling guilty or inadequate when not reaching too soon a goal that is too far out of reach to begin with. They will reach it in the end, but beating one-self over things is in the Capricorn personality just as second-guessing the outcome is. There is a positive side to this however, as it forces them to revisit everything and thus fix all ‘glitches’ before anyone else notices.

The Capricorn Man

The Capricorn man is practical, goal-driven, work-focused, ambitious, loyal, and has a sensitive heart.

The Capricorn man is like a barracuda in the office and a big soft teddy bear at home, but this teddy bear also knows exactly what you said and when you said it and will cast it up when he needs to. This lovable realist knows that life is no Teddy Bear’s Picnic and so he’ll always work hard for the money.

How to win the heart of a Capricorn Male

You’d better have means, prospects and status or you can jog on. Your average Capricorn, and despite having a softer snuggly side once you inveigle your way into his life, was born to climb the greasy pole, and so you could feel more like the one giving him a permanent bunk-up. He’ll admire your supportiveness of him working round the clock, ditto if you harbour your own ambition. He’s also conservative with a small ‘c’ and absolutely hates being embarrassed in public.

The Capricorn Woman

The Capricorn woman is strong, hardworking, incredibly sensitive and emotional.

You’re going to have to shape up if you want hang out with Lady Capricorn! Bossy, ambitious, poised and reserved, she’ll suffer no time-wasters or ne’er-do-gooders. Lady Capricorn has a Plan. And you’d better have one too. She wants to rule the world, or at the very least be next to someone who does. She reaches for the top in everything she does, even if it’s simply cooking the best roast in town. In fact, she’s probably your boss. Navigating office politics is child’s play for her as is managing people to get them to do what she wants. Ambitious projects with heavy responsibilities and large budgets don’t faze her.

Lady Capricorn can handle herself in public. Appearances matter a great deal and she spends a lot of time and energy keeping them up. Money is also important and this lady is partial to expensive brands - especially ones she can buy herself, as a reward for her own hard work and achievement. Lady Capricorn is essentially an introvert. Self-sufficient, she knows how to take care of herself and does, all too well, often at the expense of her relationships. She certainly has no time to be all soft and self indulgent when there is work to be done. She is incredibly proud and hates to be under someone else’s thumb. Give her Respect. Or walk on.

How Capricorn acts when they first fall in love

Does the first flush of love turn Capricorn into a giddy goat? You might get the odd flash, but this sign usually always likes to keep something back. It’s like their insurance policy. They tend to be realists, with a love that remains constant long after the fireworks of the first few months have fizzled out!

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