Leo Zodiac Sign
31 Mar 2021

Leo Characteristics and Personality

Leo zodiac sign
Learn everything you’ve always wanted to know about the Leo zodiac sign, its personality and characteristics. The traits of Leo Men and Women, how they act when they fall in love and what makes them tick. Finally, you’ll find a comprehensive list of celebrities with Leo star sign to see if you can identify with your favourite star.

Leo Zodiac Sign meaning

Leo signifies the stage where the individual feels the need to evolve by giving prominence to her/his leadership skillsThe symbol of this sign is the Lion, which is the key to understanding its royal nature and its relation to felines. When we refer to someone as a king or a queen in astrology, we definitely mean a Leo person. Leo is proud and majestic –like lions– and likes to be served –like kings.
  • Leo dates are July 23 – August 22.
  • Element: Fire
  • Mode: Fixed
  • Leo symbol: ♌

The mission of people with the sign of Leo or with Leo prominent in their birth chart is to discover ways in which they will feel unique, and that is why it comes as no surprise that they go through quite a few identity crises over the course of their life. Besides, the ruler of Leo is the Sun, which in astrology translates as ‘(to) be’.

The main thorn in Leos’ side is their vanity as stemming from their need for recognition. They often form relationships with people they perceive as inferior to them, because they take pleasure in their own superiority and in others’ flattery.

Generosity, enthusiasm, and self-assurance are some of their most pronounced characteristics and render them perfect to socialise with, as Leo people are as capable of inspiring others as of being inspired by themselves. This is also what constitutes their forte, since they often succeed in infusing confidence into those surrounding them.
In addition, they excel in projecting a particular image of themselves and in playing roles, which makes them suitable for a career in the limelight and, especially, for acting (many famous actors belong to the sign of Leo or have their Ascendant in Leo). That also explains why Leos are often called ‘drama queens’.

As is the case with cats, lions adore to be caressed and feel safe when they ‘stand higher’. What is certain is that the warmth and magnanimity of Leos will always ensure them a special place in the heart of those around them. Read here for Leo Daily Horoscope

Leo Traits

Leo, the fifth sign of the Zodiac is one of the most determined signs. A Leo personality is vibrant & formidable but that doesn’t necessarily mean that this sign feels safe up on that thrown. A Leo knows that ruling actually requires hard work on his part. The sign’s look of a leader comes from its Fixed Quality, while the vast amounts of energy the sign seems to be running on most of the time come from its association with the Fire Element. It's important to remember Leo reader that the quality of each sign largely shapes its compatibility with other zodiac signs.

Leo Personality

4 facts about Cancer personality: Proud, generous, energetic and warm.

On the other hand, like alpha-males and kings they are generous, always caring after the people they consider to be members of their clan. Their giving nature combined with their good spirits and inherent confidence makes people under the sign of Leo the perfect socialites. Leo people do have an energy that can be contagious inspiring others and almost ‘re-charging the batteries’ of people around them. The people of this sign prove that confidence can indeed be infused.

At the same time, it’s very common for the Leo sign to be associated with acting and actors. A Leo spends the better part of his social life switching between roles, all of them carefully and intelligently crafted to produce the best possible results in terms of recognition. It’s normal for a person of this sign to be a completely different person at the workplace and at a house party. Because of this aspect of the sign, a Leo is suitable for a career as a “star”, someone who’s in the spotlight. It’s hardly a coincidence that so many famous actors belong to this sign but also that so many Leos are often criticized for being drama queens.

Leos crave attention, love being caressed and having loved ones look up to them. In return they offer warmth and joy to those around them making them lovable in the eyes of most.

Leo relationship

Leo and Aries: A highly passionate love match. If they manage to overcome their rivalry, they can build a relationship, which makes them feel that they can conquer the world.

Leo and Taurus: A relationship that is difficult to harmonise, due to their different needs. Obstacles might require great patience to be overcome. Irrespective of whether this relationship lasts, it’s bound to leave its mark on both partners.

Leo and Gemini: A particularly intense love bond that can grow in depth and strength as time goes by. This is a love-match that has a lot going for it, allowing both partners to grow and enhance their respective personalities.

Leo and Cancer: At first glance, this combination appears to be quite challenging, as the signs involved seemingly come from different worlds; if, however, their attraction to each other is intense, their erotic chemistry can prove to be explosive.

Leo and Leo: This relationship is characterised by heat and passion. Their love match overflows with dynamism and romance. They are likely to experience an intense love affair, treating each other like the centre of the universe.

Leo and Virgo: The first tentative attempts to approach each other will not be easy. However if this pair manage to move beyond this phase and begin to find their differences charming, these signs have a lot to offer to one another.

Leo and Libra: This is a great match! Enthusiastic and passionate Leo is bound to be immediately captivated by refined and sophisticated Libra, who is likely to quickly cotton on to Leo’s romantic disposition.

Leo and Scorpio: This love match is characterised by great intensity, since both signs are renowned for their passionate and sexy temperament. In order for these two to achieve a harmonious coexistence, their relationship must be founded on mutual respect.

Leo and Sagittarius: These two can form a particularly compatible combination. They are likely to be instantly attracted to each other, their first encounter filled with passion and enthusiasm.

Leo and Capricorn: This love match is composed of two largely dissimilar characters, unlikely to experience instant mutual attraction. This paring requires both signs to show understanding and make concessions if it is to grow into a strong relationship.

Leo and Aquarius: These two complement each other perfectly! This love match is endowed with powerful creativity and vision and will never run the risk of becoming tedious, as each partner will consistently contribute to the other’s growth.

Leo and Pisces: This love match has the potential to grow into a particularly devoted relationship. It can prove immensely romantic and creative.

Find out more about Leo best and worst matches in our zodiac sign compatibility guide!

The Leo Man

The lusty Leo man likes to think of himself as Daddy Cool and is often cutely unaware of the support network that exists around him that props up his fragile ego. He has a big heart and wallet to match, and if he had his way he’d have more kids than Captain Von Trapp, only he’d be less strict and wouldn’t use a whistle to shepherd them. 

How to win the heart of a Leo Male

Leo is perhaps the most creative sign of the12 and when did you last meet a creative person that wasn’t sensitive? Leo men secretly coo over cutesy kitten videos on YouTube and read poetry in a bathtub filled with bubbles, but he’d never let on because as well as being fiercely proud he’s also fiercely private. True, he has one of the biggest hearts, but so does a giraffe, and it’s not won easily, leastways not without allowing him to haughtily lord it over you every now and again, so get used to being talked down to (as if by a giraffe!).

The Leo Woman

Lights, camera, action, Lady Leo has the spotlight! This woman literally lights up a room! She’s generous, bubbly and a 100% certified drama queen. If you hang out with Lady Leo you’ll need to resign yourself to playing second fiddle. You’re a mere mortal in the presence of royalty. Lady Leo must have special treatment. She can send her meal back several times at a restaurant, insist on that nice reserved table in the corner and still get her way. She’s got star quality, you see. Some of this might rub off on you. Or…it could make you eat your hat with envy. She, on the other hand, looks good in hats. But it’s her childlike innocence that is so irresistible.

The words “aren’t I adorable?” come out of Lady Leo's every pore. She knows in her heart that life is meant to be fun. And she makes it! She likes expensive gifts, for people to make a fuss and to take her to exclusive places. She’s a natural born leader who excels at performance of all kinds, where she will seek recognition for her gifts. And what about that penchant for drama? A Leo scorned is a most terrible sight. Should you snuff out the light in that big Leo heart, Lady Leo becomes a diva, a dictator and a real bitch. Don’t do it! For all our sakes.

How Leo acts when they first fall in love

I’ll have what Leo’s having! Love gives Leo the biggest lift of all – starting with the hair. We advise little warning lights in case of any low-flying aircraft. They want the light of their life to be with them in their little circle of stars at the top of their love mountain, like the Paramount Pictures logo, imagining all the while they’re living in a rom-com movie!

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