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26 Mar 2018
Leo Characteristics and Personality

Leo Characteristics and Personality

(July 23 – August 22)

Element: Fire
Mode: Fixed
Leo signifies the stage where the individual feels the need to evolve by giving prominence to her/his leadership skills.
The symbol of this sign is the Lion, which is the key to understanding its royal nature and its relation to felines. When we refer to someone as a king or a queen in astrology, we definitely mean a Leo person. Leo is proud and majestic –like lions– and likes to be served –like kings.
The mission of people with the sign of Leo or with Leo prominent in their birth chart is to discover ways in which they will feel unique, and that is why it comes as no surprise that they go through quite a few identity crises over the course of their life. Besides, the ruler of Leo is the Sun, which in astrology translates as ‘(to) be’.
The main thorn in Leos’ side is their vanity as stemming from their need for recognition. They often form relationships with people they perceive as inferior to them, because they take pleasure in their own superiority and in others’ flattery.
Generosity, enthusiasm, and self-assurance are some of their most pronounced characteristics and render them perfect to socialise with, as Leo people are as capable of inspiring others as of being inspired by themselves. This is also what constitutes their forte, since they often succeed in infusing confidence into those surrounding them.
In addition, they excel in projecting a particular image of themselves and in playing roles, which makes them suitable for a career in the limelight and, especially, for acting (many famous actors belong to the sign of Leo or have their Ascendant in Leo). That also explains why Leos are often called ‘drama queens’.

As is the case with cats, lions adore to be caressed and feel safe when they ‘stand higher’. What is certain is that the warmth and magnanimity of Leos will always ensure them a special place in the heart of those around them.

Date Modified: 26 Mar 2018