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26 Mar 2018
Libra Characteristics and Personality

Libra Characteristics and Personality

(September 23 – October 23)

Element: Air
Mode: Cardinal
At this point, the individual enters the stage of the ‘We’ and starts to become more conscious of her/himself as a member of society.
Libra is not randomly represented by the Scales, the only non-animated symbol; this is the sign that symbolises civilisation and whose energy involves no animalistic components. This trait separates it from the rest of the signs, by endowing Libra people with a more delicate disposition, but on the other hand, it also forms a thorn in their side, because it makes them overlook many elements of the human nature that are barely associated with civilisation (in absolute contrast to Scorpios).
The primary attribute of Libras (clearly denoted by the symbol of their sign) is their tendency to weigh situations with the intention of striking a balance. They have a strong proclivity for justice and compromise, and that is why they excel in law-related professions and positions that require diplomacy.
Contrasting with Virgos and their inclination to serve within their relationships, Libra people aspire to equality and cooperation, unable to regard anyone as greater or lesser that the other and to bear with injustice. In addition, although it is Virgo that is generally considered the sign of cleanliness par excellence, Libras are actually far more preoccupied with order, as its lack makes them feel insecure due to their constant need for harmony.
Even though harmony and equilibrium are vital to them, people born under the sign of Libra often form relationships ruled by tension and conflict –besides, their opposite sign is Aries. This is due to the fact that, as polar opposites go hand-in-hand, in order to become a peacemaker, you first have to experience war, which Libras seem to fully understand, even if on a subconscious level. This is also the quality from which stems their indecisiveness; they always try to find a solution that will upset the normal course of things as little as possible.

As is the case with Taurus, the ruler of Libra is Venus; that is why Libras are renowned for their inherent tendency to acknowledge beauty and elegance, and why people with Libra prominent in their birth chart often exude charm and politeness. With Venus also being the planet of relationships, Libras make ideal companions and comrades.

Date Modified: 26 Mar 2018