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06 Jul 2018
Pisces Characteristics and Personality

Pisces Characteristics and Personality

(February 19 – March 20)

Element: Water
Mode: Mutable
Completing the Zodiac is Pisces –although, given that this is a circle, it is not really the last sign. Pisces is depicted as two fish swimming in opposite directions, and since their direction is not the same, they can be said to symbolise the option to move either ‘upwards’ or ‘downwards’.
At this stage, the individual has left the Aquarian world of ideas behind and has passed on to a more spiritual level, where she/he is assimilated in a superior form of being. Pisces recognises no limits separating people and perceives of her/himself as part of a whole; there are neither poor nor criminals, only people with labels attached and we are all part of the same universe.
With Neptune as their ruler, people who were born under the sign of Pisces or have Pisces prominent in their birth chart have the tendency to flee reality, and that explains their reputation as prone to addiction and substance abuse. Their need for a non-realistic world leads them to expand their imagination, rendering their sign the most artistic of the Zodiac; they, like artists, mirror the world for the rest of us. Many Pisces people can actually become great actors due to their unparalleled ability to transform –an ability stemming from their shrinking ego.
Another characteristic of a person under this sign is the inherent notion that nothing is ‘set in stone’, not even the truth. To Pisces, the indisputable truth of Aquarius is relative; everything should be accepted and understood. While those born under their opposite sign (Virgo) criticise others, Pisceans cannot ascribe traits to others, because they realise there is always a hidden truth which, once revealed, will fill them with clemency and sympathy. All opinions are of equal value and hence should be heard and accepted. Anything, from anyone’s, acceptable as it may make some sense to the other that is yet to be revealed to us. Sympathy comes naturally to this sign.

Pisces people have a very weak sense of self, and that is why they are often characterised as victims and easy to lead on. Their sense of self-sacrifice, however, makes them very compassionate and tolerant, and it is when they consciously choose to incarnate this role that their better self rises to the surface. Read here for Pisces Daily Horoscope.

Pisces Traits

Pisces, the twelfth and last sign of the Zodiac is one of the most imaginative. The personality of Pisces can be described as a very spiritual one.The sign’s escapism derives from its Mutable Quality, while its artistic nature comes from the sign’s association with the Water Element. Keep in mind that the quality of your sign is very important as it largely shapes your compatibility with other zodiac signs.

Pisces Personality

Neptune being the ruler of the sign of Pisces, perfectly explains the main characteristic of people belonging to this sign, that is remaining a dreamer no matter what life brings. The tendency to discard reality is prominent in the Piscean personality. Struggling to get away from reality is exactly the reason why people under this sign tend to experiment with substances and become addicted easier than most signs. Being a dreamer requires a vivid imagination which goes hand in hand with people under this sign being very artistic. The Pisces personality longs to draw, compose, sculpt and not only works of art, but itself as well. Pisces is under a constant state of reshaping itself so as to get closer to the end-goal that is to reach a higher state of existence while still in a human body. The absence of the sense of Ego may be behind this, as in order to become one with something outside yourself you need to renounce your sense of self.

The Pisces Man

Pisces is the sign of myths and there’s a lot of them written about these men, like them being dreamy pushovers, whereas the reality is quite different. Perhaps they subconsciously rail against this popular perception by being forceful, driven and quite particular about everything. They are soft hearted and romantic once you cut your way through all the thicket.

How to win the heart of a Pisces

During the two world wars rationing dictated that scrappy old slivers of soap that we’d fling out these days were squished together to make a ‘new’ one. Pisces is a bit like this really because these guys are like a squished together version of the other 11 signs, and he can be just as slippery as a bar of soap. To win his heart? Please let us know once you’ve figured that one out!

How Pisces acts when they first fall in love

Pisces acts when they first fall in love. Yes you read that right. They put on an act or get into character, and their character changes to reflect the mood of the person that’s hooked their heart. Perhaps even their accent. This doesn’t make them phonies because multi-dimensional is what they are, as we all are to varying degrees - they’re just a bit more ‘honestly transparent’ about it.

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