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26 Mar 2018
Sagittarius Characteristics and Personality

Sagittarius Characteristics and Personality

(November 22 – December 21)

Element: Fire
Mode: Mutable
Leaving the stage of Scorpio behind, the individual steps out of the dark and starts to explore what is superior to her/himself.
Sagittarius is the explorer of the Zodiac, the sign that looks for the answers to the great questions of human existence. Its symbol is the Centaur (or Archer), a half-man half-horse entity holding a bow that points to the sky. Higher education, travels, religion, ethics; these are the basic themes that dominate the life of the typical Sagittarius.
Contrary to Scorpios, Sagittarians have an optimistic and enthusiastic disposition, along with a persistent need to preserve their faith in an ideal or a vision. They are sincere (often to the point of becoming bold) and they are always able to see the ‘big picture’, as they belong to the sign that resents short-sightedness more than anything else. Indeed, their inability to focus on anything small or detail-like gives them the reputation of being clumsy. The typical Sagittarius will trip over something that ‘got’ in her/his way or will accidentally create chaos in a simple attempt to move from one place to another.
A highly important trait of Sagittarius people is their need to feel free, to be close to an emergency exit. Many times, this need of theirs becomes so imperative that they fear responsibility and completely avoid it, thus being unable to face the serious issues arising over their life course. They also believe they can fit everything into their schedule, and, as a result of not thinking realistically, they constantly postpone what needs to be done or the tasks appointed to them, ending up being accused of lacking discipline and organisational skills.
Another feature of Sagittarians and people with Sagittarius prominent in their birth chart is their tendency to exaggerate. Many times, they blow out of proportion their own anxieties and everything they are preoccupied with (it should be noted that they hate routine), and, by extension, they become inconsiderate of other people and their problems.

With Jupiter as their ruler, Sagittarians are –both literally and metaphorically– gamblers. Like those belonging to their opposite sign, Gemini, they hate the idea of growing up; they fervently wish to preserve their youth, because maturity entails taking on responsibilities and forming bonds, which all imply limits they would rather avoid.

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