The 12 signs of the Zodiac
26 Mar 2018
Scorpio Characteristics and Personality

Scorpio Characteristics and Personality

(October 24 – November 21)

Element: Water
Mode: Fixed
Moving on to Scorpio, the ‘We’ of Libra becomes deeper, reaching the level of a profound psychic bond with the Other.
The symbol of the sign is the Scorpion, which, like the typical Scorpio, is constantly alert, ready to use its poisonous stinger against any potential threat or attack. Its ruling planet is Pluto, which represents death and rebirth from the ashes, a process which takes place numerous times over a Scorpio’s life course. Seeing that in Greek mythology Pluto (Hades) was the God of the Underworld, it comes as no surprise that this sign is related to all things ‘beneath’.
Scorpios have a deep understanding of matters pertaining to death, and that explains their extremely developed survival instinct. Many times, their suspicion and fear of perishing reach the point where they may see enemies even when there are none.
People belonging to the sign of Scorpio constantly evolve through crises and have a full reservoir of inner strength. They feel the need to be in control of every situation and in absolute self-command.
Contrary to those born under the sign preceding theirs, Libra, Scorpio people feel safer when they trace the dark, and they are in perfect consonance with all aspects of human nature. Their insight into all facets of human behaviour renders them ideal for psychology-related professions (interestingly enough, the discovery of their modern ruler in 1930 coincided with an increase in people’s interest in psychoanalysis).
Among the chief characteristics of Scorpios and people with Scorpio prominent in their birth chart are passion and tension. Many times, they become possessive because, like Aries people, they have a strong dislike for the second place –although in their case this dislike is restricted to sexuality and their relationship with the object of their desire. Sex plays a fundamental role in Scorpios’ life; they are renowned for their sexuality. They share this reputation with Taureans, although they are considerably different in that the latter view the sexual act as a source of pleasure and a natural ‘consequence’, while the former treat it as weightier than that. To Scorpios, sex, as the means of human reproduction, is a form of victory against death.
Although Scorpios do not grant forgiveness easily and are often overcome with jealousy, it is safe to say that they are the most loyal and dedicated companions of the Zodiac –on condition, of course, that this tendency is supported by the rest of their birth chart as well. 
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