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17 May 2018
Taurus Characteristics and Personality

Taurus Characteristics and Personality

(April 20 – May 20)

Element: Earth

Mode: Fixed
While Aries people need to act, those born under the sign of Taurus feel safe after this stage has passed and they have obtained what they are after. Taurus is not randomly considered the most possessive sign; the driving force of Taurus people resides in their acquisitions
Taureans are renowned for their patience and persistence, due to which they are often compared to bulls (the symbol of the sign). This trait sometimes leads them to the other extreme; they can become very stubborn and too opinionated to even consider the possibility that they might be wrong.
People with Taurus prominent in their birth chart have a highly developed sense of self-preservation and, consequently, their decisions on serious matters are such that can ensure them their much needed sense of safety. They seek a calm life that will allow them to enjoy the little things they take pleasure in, such as having a good dinner or listening to their favourite music. These preferences come as no surprise, seeing that this is the sign with the most acute senses –those of taste, touch, and smell in particular–, which is also the reason why Taureans are thought of as the most sensual sexual partners: they view sex as one more source of pleasure. 
With Venus as their ruling planet (as is also the case with those belonging to the sign of Libra), Taurus people appreciate beauty and elegance a lot. Contrary to Libreans, though, they are not interested in the aesthetic aspect of things, but mainly care about looking good themselves, which is why they take great care of their outward appearance.
Another highly common characteristic among Taureans is their capacity for dealing with situations in a calm cool-headed manner, which occasionally makes them appear as emotionless to others. This is not the case, however, since this ability of theirs stems from their understanding of the laws of nature –the natural course of things. 

Taureans also greatly value the earth and its merits, and that is why many people with Taurus prominent in their birth chart choose to live close to nature.

Date Modified: 17 May 2018